Looking for coloured diamonds in Melbourne?

Whether you want colourless or pink diamond rings in Melbourne, at Diamond Occasion we have what you are looking for. The colour grading for white diamonds starts from completely colourless, which is the most expensive, through to a faint yellow colour.

Diamonds graded D to F are the rarest and most expensive, whereas the ones graded G to J are seemingly colourless to the untrained eye.

Stones with grades K to Z are more noticeably yellower, but the choice always depends on the customer’s preference – some people appreciate this type of colouring, and it can look particularly stunning when paired with a yellow-gold setting.

We will always find the stone to suit but as a rule, we recommend and work with diamonds graded from H upward, that are “near colourless” or “colourless”. Completely colourless stones are quite a bit more expensive in comparison to those that are nearly colourless, however to the untrained eye there is little difference in appearance. We can help find a stone that meets your requirements; if your main concern is size, we can provide you with a larger stone from a lower colour grade in order to ensure it suits your budget. Similarly, if the colour grade is important to you, we can source a stone in a grade and size that matches your needs.

Also rare and very valuable, are stones with a strong pure colour that are called "fancies", such as the pink diamonds from the Argyle mine and also the beautiful cognac and champagne coloured diamonds.

Searching for a piece of jewellery with a real point of difference? Whether you are looking for colourless, yellow or pink diamonds in Melbourne, you will be able to find the perfect ring or piece of jewellery among our unique and vast collection. If we don’t have a stone that meets your requirements, we’ll endeavour to source one for you.

Browse our range now and lose yourself in the wonderful world of Diamond Occasion.