Looking to Buy Wholesale Loose Diamonds in Melbourne? Consider the 5 C’s!

Cut, clarity, colour, carat weight, and conflict free are the five "C's" to consider when you are purchasing stones for custom designed diamond rings or boutique jewellery from a Melbourne jeweller. As is commonly known, diamonds are forever, and it is these five qualities which can tell you if your stone is truly valuable. It is also a well-known fact that few can resist the sight of a diamond, but when you have a trained eye for what you should be looking for, you will know which stone constitutes a truly wise purchase.

Choosing the perfect wholesale loose diamonds becomes easy if you know what to look for. The type of cut is what allows the stone to blaze with brilliance, while the clarity, with few inclusions, allows light to pass through uninterrupted. When it comes to assessing a stone’s carat weight, this is what determines the density, and this is particularly crucial if you are trying to accurately work out the value of the stone. Conflict-free diamonds undergo the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, which aims to ensure that there are no stones on the market that are financing rebel movements or are harvested via a violent system.

We advocate the five “C’s”

All of the wholesale diamonds we use in our custom designed and handmade jewellery are certified to possess all five of these qualities, so you know that you are only purchasing the best when you shop with us. With access to our entire selection of gorgeous stones, you can rest assured that the customised rings you buy for yourself or for your loved ones are one hundred per cent genuine and highly valuable. As one of the leading wholesale diamond jewellers in Melbourne we offer a great range of unique pieces, so you can be certain to find the perfect stone to suit your specific needs, whether you want to design an engagement ring, wedding band or a piece of jewellery to surprise that someone special. The best part about purchasing handmade, boutique jewellery or wholesale loose diamonds from us is that you are getting all of these at wholesale prices!

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