About Us

Master Jeweller, Nick Fiorenza, is excited to introduce you to Diamond Occasion - the culmination of over 30 years’ experience and a life’s passion for jewellery design and craftsmanship.

Nick completed his apprenticeship in 1981 and the next year began his own jewellery manufacturing business in Melbourne, specialising in handmade diamond jewellery. During this time he also travelled to Europe and America to source further inspiration for his detailed, cutting edge designs.

We understand that jewellery is highly individual and personal and this is reflected by the care and expertise offered by Nick at our city studio. Our jewellery is made on site and there are no sales people, you deal direct with a jeweller.

Diamond Occasion is able to provide exceptional prices without compromising on quality because you are dealing directly with the craftsman. Our extensive range of loose and certified diamonds enables you to choose or design a diamond rings that truly suits your own needs and budget.

Whilst we specialise in fine jewellery and diamond engagement rings, we also stock an impressive range of prestige, complementary pieces. Our aim is simply to help you find that unique piece of jewellery that is “just perfect”.